Welcome to our Christmas Mother program

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The Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Christmas Mother program is a nonprofit, charitable organization that was established in 1972 by Miss Lucy Corr, then superintendent of the Chesterfield County Welfare Department. The program’s sole purpose is to assist with the special needs of families that are in need during the holiday season.

A Christmas Mother has been chosen each year since 1979 to represent the Christmas Mother Committee to the media and to the general population. She is the public spokesperson for the program.

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What does the
Christmas Mother do?

  • Works directly with the Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Department of Social Services, schools and churches to identify individuals and families in need.

  • Carefully screens candidates to make sure they meet guidelines and are truly in need of help.

  • Shops year-round for clothing, toys, and gifts at reasonable prices and also purchases gift cards for food.

  • Encourages participation from local schools to provide gifts, donations and volunteers.

  • Arranges sponsors who provide toys, clothing, books and food to families or elders.

  • Accepts gifts and donations of money, clothing, toys, books and food gift cards from those in the community who wish to share with others.

  • Operates the Christmas Center, distributing gifts to needy recipients.